Superfood for dogs and cats of all life stages.
Intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding.

AdditionalTM Fermented Fish Stock is an excellent biodiverse wholefood source. As superfoods with complex nutrients, their broths are sustainably and responsibly sourced, have easy-to-digest proteins, highly absorbable enzymes, and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. An efficient and diverse nutrient profile that is superb as a nutritional aid for any meal.

Full of collagen and minerals, wild, sustainably-caught North Atlantic white fish serves as the perfect fish for bone broth. Combined with wild-caught, fermented sardines, this formula creates a powerhouse of good bacteria and a biodiverse whole food source, leaving intact all of the complex nutrient relationships. This stock is a healthy way to replace joint, fish oil, enzyme, probiotic, thyroid and kidney support supplements.

  • Great for cats and dogs
  • Wild, line caught, sustainable North Atlantic sole
  • Concentrated fish, thyroid, and joint nutrients
  • Fermented sardines provide Omega 3s in whole food form
  • High in free essential amino acids
  • Great for pets on low protein diets

Benefits of Fermented Fish Stock for Dogs

  • Joint health.
  • Thyroid health.
  • Digestive health (a superfood for this)
  • Helps with liver detox.
  • Skin and coat health.
  • Immune system boost.
  • Great for dogs with kidney disease - offsets the low protein diet and reduces stress on kidneys.