One of Powder Hounds Pet Supply's specialties is our variety of lesser known bulk treat offerings. As individuals who are concerned about the growing amount of plastic waste in the world, we felt it was our duty to provide options to our customers that: Reduced the need for extra packaging; Allows one to choose the amount of product that is right for his or her pets; Keeps costs low; Provides unique and/or concentrated forms of supplemental nutrition.


Who can argue with lower prices, quantity options, stimulating and functional new treats and a healthier world? All this we offer with our own cotton reusable drawstring bags or our corn based compostable biobags at no extra cost.

Thanks for helping us do our part to keep our environment clean and safe for our pets and ourselves! 

For those who wish a pre-packaged option for convenience, we stock those in smaller quantities as well.  You can find these items here for dogs or here for cats. 

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and if you have any questions or requests, please let us know by using the Bark At Us link below.