Scout and Zoe's - Freeze Dried Ox Tails


100% USA raised ox tails are freeze dried into total tastiness!

USA sourced and produced, the only ingredient is fresh ox tails that have been freeze dried. This treat is free of gluten, grain, soy, dairy, antibiotics, and hormones. Just with all of their treats, there are no chemicals, preservatives and things you can't pronounce.

This is a very satisfying treat for those dogs that like to chomp and crunch. It leaves no mess as any little bits left get quickly found and gobbled up. While not a long lasting treat, freeze dried ox tail is high in hyaluronic acid which is great for joint mobility. Older dogs will really savor this. You can even rehydrate in water to soften the meatyness. This is a favorite in my dog's book.

Please note: This item is sold by ounce. Choose the number of ounces you wish to purchase by increasing the quantity to the desired number of ounces.

I.e. 16oz = Qty: 16 (This will give you 1lb of product)