GF Pet - Lodge Parka

$37.95 - $42.95

GF Pet Canadian (Montreal, Quebec) dogs apparel fashion house, brings to life head-to-tail functionality that complements the unique style and personality of every pet, from the smallest to the tallest. GF Pet has a reputation in the pet industry as the first true “fashion house” for dogs. We translate hot and trendy human fashion into pet, and adapt it brilliantly to suit all sizes and shapes of dogs. We never compromise on styling, fabric quality, finishings, value or fit. When other companies make dog clothes, GF Pet makes great human apparel that fits dogs beautifully.

The Elasto-fit ergonomic wishbone design means you no longer need to lift the dog’s paws to put on the coat. It’s that easy!

The GF Pet lodge parka is the perfect mix between fashion and function. With its fleece hood and suede-like details, it will turn heads!